Torrenting is one of the best ways of downloading content. We enjoy the ease and convenience which comes with using torrents. Recently though, there has been a severe crackdown on torrenting websites with many of them having to shut down operations or resorting to switching servers and domain names regularly. 

So, what do you do if you want to download your favorite content? This is where torrenting comes into play, but since it is frowned upon, the most effective solution to the problem is using a VPN. However, you can’t just use any VPN because not every service is reliable. Ivacy offers the most comprehensive for all your torrenting needs. 

Unlimited bandwidth

Many free VPNs come with caps on the available limit for uploads and downloads. These limitations are in place to make sure you purchase the paid version at any costs.

These limitations spoil the fun for you because the download interrupts right when you are starting to get excited. Ivacy has no such restrictions. After you sign up you have the ability to enjoy seamless downloads or streaming at your own will. 

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Unbeatable speeds


Another major disadvantage with many VPNs is that they feel like an extra burden on the internet and the speed it offers. This can become a nuisance even with the fastest internet connection.

Ivacy ensures that there is absolutely no concern of interruptions during a download or binge-watching session. Speed is something Ivacy delivers on through and through. As long as you have Ivacy, you can say goodbye to any questions regarding performance. 

Access torrents anonymously anywhere

The restrictions set in place by organizations and governments means that torrent websites are restricted. Even if a person figures out an alternative domain which a website may be using, the Internet Service Providers monitoring the traffic will detect your usage. 

The next thing you know, the website will be taken off air making it impossible for you or anyone else to enjoy the service anymore. With Ivacy and its 1000+ servers around the globe, you can anonymously connect to and access any torrenting website you want. You can also be sure that the next day, the torrents will still be available for everyone else to enjoy. 

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A VPN is slowly become a necessity for household as well as commercial users. Unfortunately, not every service offers what is promises. Ivacy is one of the few exceptions that not only secures your online privacy but also provides a host of extra features.

Chief among these is the torrenting experience which it offers. With the use of a VPN you ensure that the website servers remain safe from any restrictions and the speed as well as bandwidth are consistent too. Ivacy is the service you should go for.