Safest Hoverboard for Kids Best Hoverboards for Kids in 2020

Best Hoverboards for Kids

Are you searching for the safest and Best Hoverboards for Kids? Do you want to give your kid a present of hoverboard on their upcoming birthday? If yes, then you must read this guide to get the best one for your child.

A hoverboard is a sort of playful and entertaining equipment that will keep your kid busy all the time. If you think that investment in a high-quality scooter is not suitable for your kid, then you should consider choosing hoverboards as an ultimate option.

Every single parent wants to choose the best and excellent hoverboard for their adolescent children. Riding on the hoverboard will enable your kid to have self-confidence in themselves to ride on busy roads.

You can find a lot of famous brands that are available in the market. By visiting them, you can look for some superior models of a hoverboard. Even if you are shopping out for a hoverboard, there are quite a few basic guidelines that you need to keep in mind to pick the best one!

Right here, I’m going to discuss the top best and excellent hoverboard reviews in 2020 that you can buy for your child.

1. MEGA WHEELS Hoverboard for Kids

MEGA WHEELS Hoverboard

Having a perfectly designed hoverboard for your child will make you sure of the fact that they can roll down in style on roads. Mega wheels hoverboard is best to be used by both youth and kids. It is a low profile in designing and compact as well.

Its overall design is stylish with the incorporation of LED lights. Construction of the hoverboard is done by using durable material.


  • 7.5 miles per hours with 6.2 miles range
  • An integrated set of learning system
  • 360 degrees rotatable nature
  • Offers LED headlights
  • 6.5 inches of anti-skid wheels
  • Available with Bluetooth speakers
  • Set with UL 2272 Certified


  • Integrated leaning system

It is available with access to an integrated learning program. This will enable your kid to ride with full confidence. It is easy to use and friendly with its features. In just 5 minutes of the ride, your kid will be master in it. It is simple in its controlling features that I recommend for the beginners as well.

  • Anti-skid wheels

Due to its anti-skid wheels, it is safe to ride, even on some flat surface areas. Such wheels will bring a suitable grip without giving you a sliding risk. The diameter of the wheels is around 6.5 for extra stability. 

  • 360 degrees rotation

This hoverboard will be letting the kids have a fantastic experience and enjoy the best moments ever. It is entirely flexible as it enabled the range of 0-360 turns. Even if you are riding on the small surfaces, you can ride it without the risk of falling.

Why should you buy it?

According to my experience, this hoverboard is coming out to be best for the beginners who are riding on the hoverboard for the first time. It is settled with comprehensive training, any kid who is less than 220 pounds can ride on it without any inconvenience.

All in all, this is a real choice of all infants out there. Its simple profile and friendly features make it a worthy piece of investment.

2. TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed Electric Hoverboard

TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed Electric Hoverboard

Tomoloo is one of the most top-rated and best brands in the market for manufacturing reliable hoverboard models for kids. This hoverboard is perfect to be used by both adults and kids, where it brings excellent satisfaction at the time of riding.

Thus, this hoverboard has been UL2272 approved, where it is granting high performance and ultimate safety. It is best for the kids who are between the age of 11-12 years old.


  • Rhythmed High RGB LED light
  • Dual 5W Bluetooth styled stereo speakers
  • Fire-resistant, durable materials
  • Lightweight Hoverboard construction
  • LED light improved wheels


  • Rtythymed RGB LED lights

As you will be purchasing this hoverboard, you will encounter its sleek and straightforward nature designing. It is adjusted with RGB LED lights, which frequently blink at the time of riding. This feature is a lot effective for you if you are riding your hoverboard at the night time routine.  It won’t drain off your battery power.

  • Dual Bluetooth stereo speakers

This amazing hoverboard has arranged an improved entertainment system for you as well. Yes, you heard it right! It has been included the dual Bluetooth stereo speaker feature.  It is available with some dual 5 Watts speakers who bring superior results during stereo music work. They have been equipped with the range of Bluetooth version 4.0.

  • Lightweight

Besides being constructed with durable material, still, it is light in weight and easy to carry around.  It weighs just 17.6 pounds. You can even take it along with you for picnic purposes.

Why Should you buy it?

Overall this hoverboard is exceptionally stylish and a perfect source of entertainment for your kids. It is fun to ride on it all the time. It can be an ideal choice for both kids and adults. Its light in weight feature makes it top recommended ones.  Buy it now!

3. Swagtron Swagboard Hoverboard

Swagtron Swagboard Hoverboard

Swagtron has made itself to be one of the most top leading and best brands in the market for manufacturing perfect hoverboard models. This Swagtron Swagboard Hoverboard is one such prominent example of it. This is a complete entry-level hoverboard that will be making your ride perfect. You can enjoy different modes of riding all at the same time.


  • Battery: Rechargeable based Li-Ions
  • Wheels size: 7-7.5 inches
  • Max speed: 7mph
  • Weight capacity:187.4lbs
  • Hoverboards weight: 18.9lbs


  • Different riding programs

The best thing about this hoverboard model is that it is available in different riding programs/modes. This will let a beginner enjoy the riding experience on a hoverboard.  Through the riding modes, a beginner can even change the speed settings and learn how to balance on a hoverboard.  It offers you with the maximum speed level of 7mph.

  • High-grading aluminum wheel

The wheels of this hoverboard are manufactured by using the durable material of aluminum construction. This makes it light in weight and easy to handle. The wheels are offered with a superior grip, which will help you to balance the whole hoverboard easily.

Heavy-duty motors & stabilization gears

This hoverboard will make your whole riding experience incredible through the involvement of heavy-duty dual motors for some extra power. It has also been equipped with some stabilization gears with which it equally balances the motor power.

Why should you buy it?

To sum up, if you have been looking forward to a hoverboard which is excellent for adolescents, then choosing this model is the best option for you. It is not just ideal for kids but can even work best for adults. It offers maximum safety with smooth riding experience.

4. Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Razor is popularly known for its self-balancing and top leading scooter models for kids and adults. Their amazing model Razor Hovertrax 2.0 has become one of the most top-wanted hoverboard models among the kids.

This hoverboard has all those qualities which are looking forward to a premium model for ultimate riding experience. It has incredible heels, noise-free motor, and durable body construction.


  • Battery: Li-Ions & 36V
  • Wheels size: 6- 6.5 inches
  • Max speed: 8+mph
  • Range: 60-65 minutes
  • Weight capacity: 220 lbs
  • Hoverboards weight: 19.18 lbs


  • Intelligent self-balancing technology

The best thing that I like about this hoverboard is that it won’t be giving you any sort of a hard time at the time of riding experience. It is smooth and convenient to use all the time. This is because of its intelligent self-balancing technology. This technology brings easy maneuvering. You can make the best use of it for commuting, as well as racing rides.

  • Durable, silent motors

This hoverboard model has an incredible motor power, which you won’t be found in any other hoverboard. The engine is available with 350W. Right through the combination of 700W combined power, it brings a fantastic roll. The battery survival time is around 60 minutes over a non-stop ride.

  • Slip-resistant deck

The deck of this hoverboard is available with the rubberized pads. This deck will allow you to prevent from slipping on rough, slippery roads. Pads have also been textured to improve the overall feet grip.

Why should you buy it?

This perfect hoverboard is best for youth, as well as adults, or even minors. It has a powerful motor with strong deck capacity, which makes it a worthy investment for you. It supports an individual with a weight of around 220 pounds. Wheels of the hoverboard are stable enough.

5. OXA Hoverboard – UL2272 Certified Self Balancing Scooter

OXA Hoverboard - UL2272

OXA Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter is a perfect gift for your kid on his upcoming birthday. If your kid is 13 years old and he is demanding a hoverboard, then this is the right choice for you. It is easy to drive on it without any inconvenience. It has durable construction and compact nature. Its certified and completely sturdy materials will ensure a classy performance.


  • Battery: 20 Li-Ion batteries as 144Wh
  • Max speed: 7.5mph
  • Range: 9.3 to 10.5
  • Weight capacity: 331 lbs
  • Hoverboards weight: 21 lbs


  • Heavy-duty construction

The overall construction has been a lot exceptional. It can easily withstand all road surfaces or terrains.  The shell of this model has been shatterproof, whereas tires are completely explosion-proof.  It is incredibly light in weight to let you carry it from one place to another. It weighs around 330 pounds.

  • Durable Powerful battery and motors

The battery power has been amazingly durable, which is included 20 Li-Ion batteries, where they offer 144Wh. In this way, this hoverboard has a cruise for around 9.3- 10.5 miles. You can enjoy your riding experience at the top speed of around 7.5mph. You can fully charge it in just 3 hours.

  • 3rd generation intelligent set of control mechanism

By using this hoverboard, you can enjoy access to the 3rd generation intelligent control system. It can help you to analyze the weight, user stability, and different other functions. In just 30 seconds, you can have a smooth riding experience. It is available with two different riding modes. The non-self-riding mode is excellent for beginners or children. You can learn how to balance the scooter in case of any fall. The self-balancing mode is for experts.

Why should you buy it?

If you are fond of hoverboarding, then choosing this hoverboard model is the best option for you. It can support a bodyweight of around 330 pounds, which makes it best for heavy adults or youngsters. Having different driving modes will enable you to experience versatile riding. It’s designing, and performance capacity is excellent.

6. Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 Off-Road Hoverboard

Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw

All through the use of Swagtron Swagboard Off-Road Hoverboard, you will have the ultimate riding experience. It is best to be used for outdoor purposes. No matter whether you are a professional or a beginner, this hoverboard can work best for everyone.

It has a rugged design with durable material used in its construction. It has LED lights with a non-slip deck finishing for an excellent performance.  It can support a maximum weight of 410 pounds.


  • Battery: Li-Ion
  • Wheels size: 10-11 inches
  • Max speed: 11mph
  • Range: 11.5 miles
  • Weight capacity: 40-421lbs
  • Hoverboards weight: 31lbs


  • Giant All-terrain tubeless wheels

This hoverboard is adjusted with 10 inches of giant rugged tubeless tires. This will bring a smooth riding experience on rough surfaces. Being tubeless, they will also enable smooth movements at the time of any collapse.  Due to the giant tire size, they are excellent to be used on gravels, mud, or sand.

  • Strong 300W dual motors

It is included great motor finishing, to let the hoverboard give away excellent performance. Each will deliver around 300 watts. Due to such a powerful motor, you can let the hoverboard to cruise at the speed of around 12mph. Besides, it also offers a comfortable handle.

  • Strong frame and shell

If you are looking or an electric scooter, then this model brings excellent strength for you. It is combined with aluminum as well as ABS materials. These two materials can withstand any sort of weight.  It can support an individual between the weights of 40-410 pounds. Besides the feature of being heavyweight, this hoverboard is also available with dual music speakers.

  • Comfortable Application access

For the toddlers, this hoverboard has some friendly features, which is easy for them to control and handle. It won’t be giving you any sort of hassle like the other hoverboard models. In just one-touch app access, you can easily control the entire hoverboard. This app feature will even let you set the various riding mode.

Why should you buy it?

Based on the convenience, riding ease, and construction, we will recommend this hoverboard for your kids. It is perfect to be used for all age group boys. Its heavy-duty structure will make your riding experience worth remembering. It can easily withstand all rough surfaces.

7. Swagtron App-Enabled Bluetooth Hoverboard

Swagtron App-Enabled

Swagtron is one of those brands in the market which has been offering incredible hoverboard models for the kids of different age groups. This famous Swagboard Vibe T580 hoverboard has always remained one of the ideal choices of the kids.

It has been included the advanced features which a rider always look in their dream hoverboard. It is extremely fast, light in weight, and best for racing.


  • Battery: Li-Ion 67.35 Wh
  • Wheels size: 6.4 inches
  • Max speed: 7.6mph
  • Range: 7 miles
  • Weight capacity: 44-221lbs
  • Hoverboards weight: 21lbs


  • Three Different riding modes

This fantastic hoverboard is available with three different riding modes. Based on your experience level, you can look for the riding mode at your convenience. You can select out of three modes, i.e., standard, training, and freestyle.

  • Strong and lightweight

The overall construction of this hoverboard has been done through the use of durable material, which is also light in weight. This premium hoverboard has a weight of just 20 pounds.  Although the materials are light, they are durable enough. They have a load capacity of a maximum of 44-221 pounds to support any rider.

  • Waterproof and strong Shell

Its outer shell has been so much durable. It is based on ABS material, which is giving excellent protection to the interior side of the hoverboard. This material is also useful to prevent any sort of water infiltration. Right through the involvement of sealed charging ports, no such water can bring any kind of damage to your scooter. This hoverboard is included rated IPX4 water resistance.

Why should you buy it?

We will be recommending this hoverboard to be an excellent choice for the adults as well as has durable structure and strong deck support. To summarize it all, we would be calling this hoverboard an ultimate option and a worthy investment for you. It has smooth wheels, sleek body, and reduced weight power.

8. SISIGAD Hoverboard for Kids

SISIGAD Hoverboard

This product is adjusted with the set of flat platforms as where you will be standing quickly to ride the scooter. Thus, this hoverboard model has adjustable stalking will be going on in the middle of the legs and will be getting the controlling support with your knees. If you are turning back or stoping your scooter, the lights will be turned on.


  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion
  • Wheels size: 6.5 Inches
  • Max speed: 7.5 mph
  • Range: 6.2 miles
  • Weight capacity: 220lb
  • Hoverboard weight: 26.4 lbs


  • Use of handlebar access

The whole designing of the handlebar has been done on professional and best classy impressions. This model has been manufactured with the 21.5 inches wide as well as hence extends up to 34 inches high. It weighs about 28 pounds. If you are not boarding the hoverboard handlebar, you can still take it all along with you all through the extending the stalk to push it along simply.

  • Easy drive and mount

It can handle the people of almost 85 to 220 pounds. Riders with a height of 5 feet and 6 inches can drive it very comfortably and efficiently. It is much easier to drive when it comes to the mount and dismount of the scooter designs.

  • Smooth and convenient speed

It is best in balancing until and unless you do not put your first feet on it. It would safely make your offer with a speed of 6-8mph that is secure enough. You would be much surprised to listen about the fact that this hoverboard minibar handlebar is featured upon with the software access too.

  • Access of Application System

This scooter is paired with the free Android/iOS app that is offered with the usual speedometer as well as the range of battery meter. It has the parking brake with the set of remote control service through which you can drive your scooter by making the use of your phone. 

Why should you buy it?

They are hence set with the super-high category of rebound formula that would hence more provide it with a better frame of the traction and so as the speed. The long-form of rebound, as well as long duration lasting urethane, would make it attend with the best performance.

They are being shaped into the C cut form of wheels that are much reasonable in rates and are perfect as in sake of the technical street skating.

9. NHT Kids Hoverboard

NHT Kids Hoverboard

You would be finding the wheels in the perfect finishing of the incredible shaping. The wheels are settled with the three lines as ups with the ideal and much unique form of the characteristics of design and quality. Plus, all three types are made using the LMF formula that makes you learn about the feature of durability and top-notch quality.


  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion, 4.0AH
  • Max speed: 7.5 mph
  • Range: 6.2 miles
  • Weight capacity: 220lbs
  • Hoverboards weight: 17.6 lbs


  • Durable wheels on Rough Surfaces

This product is best made with a diameter of 65mm. The child hoverboard wheels are turning out to be perfect to use by the specialty riders who are all the time involved in the skate riding and offer the high speed of the variations. They have the wheels with the top-notch that is incredible and much strong with the resistance. This is all because of the 82A durometer that has been used.

  • Excellent Stability and Traction

They have the properties where they are bringing on the aspects of the quality build-up effects with the stability and so as the traction too. They are standing as best for the cruising, or the skate parks and also the shenanigans. As they are quite a lot pretty soft, so they can turn out to be perfect when it comes to the silliness.

  • Offers battery management system

It has also been added on with the battery management system, which is equipped amid shield technology.  Tires have been all manufactured in the durable rubber encoding, which will be giving out smooth traction. It is a complete, UL 2272 certification. It has been somewhat carried away with balance Technology.

Why should you buy it?

They have a comprehensive profile with the stability and balancing feature being part of it. On the regular terms, they are accessible in the 90a durometer just as except for black, which has an 85a.

They are also smooth, which do means that there has been less surface friction, and this makes it easier to slide. The treaded surface has been settled with the surface friction, so you would not be finding it getting slide off quickly.

10. Magic Hover Best Hoverboard for Kids

Magic Hover Best Hoverboard

This is one of the best hoverboards that you can purchase for your child. They are being set with the harder impression that is around 101 durometer and has been wrapped with ice white polyurethane. They are also readily accessible in the variations of a range of 50mm and as much as 60mm.


  • Affordable price range

The just attractive feature has been the price range that makes it stand out inside the marketplaces.  They do make the usage of the grooved surface, which would merely be resulting in better traction, and so as the speed and stability.  

  • Excellent Stability and Durable Nature

If you are riding over at high speed, then these wheels are much helpful in terms of adding with the stability and durable aspects that would let it slip off.  They are perfect for the pool or bowl. They have the S shaping that makes it perfect for the best use. No matter whether you are in love with being the street skater, this is the ideal option given to you.

  • Adjusted with advanced Modifications

They are carried out to be identified as the advanced modification right into the classic longboard. They are all the more squared shape form, but they have been all the more best and smartly engineered. They got the best boost.

Why should you buy it?

They are named to be smoother than the everyday items and are hence three times faster. They have more excellent traction and much sliding control and much grip too.

Best Hoverboard for Kids-Buying Guide

If you are at some hoverboard online shop and you are planning to buy the hoverboard for yourself, then hold on for a second! There are some essential and fundamental questions that you should ask from that hoverboard shop owner. Before you think of investing in the hoverboard collection, get answers to some questions.

  • Correct Hoverboard Status 

First, you should know about the exact hoverboard status of yours. If you need an all-purpose kind of board, then note that it will somehow require and need a ton and bunch of maintenance from your side. But an all-purpose knife will not at all break your bank account. If you want to upgrade your hoverboard collection, then decide which board you want to add and which scooter you want to remove out from your collection.

If you have been thinking about expanding your whole tool kit, then makes sure that you should be considering your personal current one board collection. Look for those boards that can add the best functionality in your collection.

  • Choose Legally Certified Company/Brand

If you are buying a hoverboard from some company, then make sure that the company has to be legally on the whole certified. You should give away the questions as related to the identification, plus the license, and also any the certification and must have a check on their actual status that is being current. All the states do carry out the requirement of the technicians to be stated as certified on a legal basis.

  • Take Referrals

Before getting into contact with the best company for purchasing the hoverboard, ask friends and neighbors for referrals. You should also be giving a complete check as to the state hoverboard rental association. It would be helping you at best to make the best decision at the end of the day.

You should be getting into face to face communication with the company in learning about the rates of the product. If any company is giving you out with the complete provision access of the hoverboard purchasing as the affordable rates, then do consider that they have to stay back as much high in terms of the features and requirements too.

  • Ask Questions about Hoverboard Features Functioning

Before you plan to buy any sort of hoverboard, it is recommended to get in touch with professional experts to get better guidance about its features. By getting into contact with the vehicle company professionals, you should make sure that they are providing the documents in the form of a report about the service which they performed. The report should also detail the service costs.

  • Easy and Comfortable with Drive 

Your hoverboard should be designed in a manner that its simplicity and craftsmanship, ease of use factor can be better highlighted. They should have great and fantastic designs as well. Taking help from friends can help you a lot to make the finest choice of hoverboard. Look for the one which is extremely comfortable for you during the drive time.

  • Durable and Sturdy in Material Manufacturing

If your board has a rigid in a form nylon sheath, then it will continue more durable and strengthened nature in it. Most of the board’s brakes are made from rubber and polymer, material micarta, wooden handles, such hoverboard are more preferable. 

  • Length of the Hoverboard

If you do buy from online shop places, then keep in mind the duration of your hoverboard too. Usually, these boards range from 7 inches to about 8.5 inches in their overall length. Blade length of the board is often and typically around 3 inches to 3.8 inches in length. Too much longboard and extreme smaller in sizes make your task of driving stressful and exhausting.

Before you make the payment of any hoverboard which you are purchasing, we would suggest you do the test drive first of all. It would make you learn best that whether the bike which you have selected out is smooth and comfortable in driving or not. You should give your mind a conscious alert that the platform of the board that has to be healthy and does not give away any sort of trouble in the rough road driving. This is an important aspect to figure out while buying a hoverboard. 

  • Speed

Speeds vary relying on the model; however, some scooters can reach up to 7 or eight miles per hour. That may sound sluggish compared to a motorized vehicle, but it may not experience so gradual when you are without a doubt using it. Reviews point out the great hoverboards are in the six to eight mile-per-hour range. This is also an exceptional kind for every person below 18.

  • Range

For how long distance you want to travel on your hoverboard? Do you want to buy it for commute purposes or for fun? This can be integral in finding out which hoverboard is right for you. Many hoverboards can attain three to 7 miles on a full charge; however, usually, take a look at this critical characteristic to make sure the machine will take you from A to B besides delay.

  • Rider’s Height or Weight

In addition to the top hoverboard’s features, the rider’s bulk should additionally be considered. That hoverboard who are having extra weight, they are broader and taller in height. Moreover, weight affects the sturdiness of the battery and range.

  • Hoverboard’s Weight

If you sketch to lug your hoverboard around, you may choose to consider weight as being the essential purchasing factor. Many boards can weigh between the course of 20 and 30 pounds.

  • Safety Features:

Safety features of the hoverboard can only be known when your hoverboard is set with the UL certified products. It is basically an American standard that performs different tests through which it gives away UL certification to best and reliable electric scooters.


This was a complete overview guide about the top Best Hoverboards for Kids which you should buy right now for a smooth comfortable ride. Plus, we have also mentioned you with some buying guide tips to help you to choose a perfect hoverboard model for yourself. Follow the tips and look for the incredible hoverboard models for your kids.